Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where I am Now

My name is Eric Thuemmel and I'm finishing my 18th (!) year of teaching public school in Michigan.  I graduated from MSU in 1992 and started teaching at North Huron High School (Kinde / Port Austin area) in the fall of '93.  At North Huron I taught everything from Algebra to PreCalculus.  After 8 years at NHHS I got married and moved to the west side of the state.  I took a new job with Ludington HS, and I mostly taught Geometry.  My years at Ludington were a little rocky, as a budget crunch nearly took my job, but I was lucky to get a spot teaching in their new alternative school for several years before returning to the main high school.   

While teaching in Ludington, my family and I lived in Manistee (30 minutes north) where my wife worked.  In the summer of 2007 a high school math teaching job opened in Manistee.  With this job I'd be able to teach upper level math (Trig, Pre-Calc, Stats- my favorite subjects), as well as have coaching opportunities (track, cross-country, forensics.)  In addition to all of these opportunities, I live close enough to the new high school to jog or ride my bike in to work.  So I was thrilled to start working in my new hometown.

This year I'm teaching HS Geometry, Stats, and PreCalc/Trig at Manistee High.  I have no idea what I'll be teaching next year - with the budget crunch, despite my experience, my job may be on the chopping block.  It seems as if everyone and their brother has a math certification in my district.  

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